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If I have a datetime field, how do I get just records created later than a certain time, ignoring the date altogether?

It's a logging table, it tells when people are connecting and doing something in our application. I want to find out how often people are on later than 5pm.

(Sorry - it is SQL Server. But this could be useful for other people for other databases)

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For SQL Server:

select * from myTable where datepart(hh, myDateField) > 17

See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa258265(SQL.80).aspx.

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What database system are you using? Date/time functions vary widely.

For Oracle, you could say

  WHERE TO_CHAR(THE_DATE, 'HH24:MI:SS') BETWEEN '17:00:00' AND '23:59:59';

Also, you probably need to roll-over into the next day and also select times between midnight and, say, 6am.

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This one won't return the rows from 1/2 second before midnight. Why not just >= '17:00:00'. – Joe Oct 7 '08 at 10:56
@Joe: actually >= '17:00:00' or even >= '17' should also work, I think – Thilo Oct 7 '08 at 11:15

In MySQL, this would be

where time(datetimefield) > '17:00:00'
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For MSSQL use the CONVERT method:

DECLARE @TempDate   datetime = '1/2/2016 6:28:03 AM'
    @TempDate as PassedInDate,  
        WHEN CONVERT(nvarchar(30), @TempDate, 108) < '06:30:00' then 'Before 6:30am'
        ELSE 'On or after  6:30am'
        WHEN CONVERT(nvarchar(30), @TempDate, 108) >= '10:30:00' then 'On or after 10:30am'
        ELSE 'Before 10:30am'
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The best thing I can think would be: don't use a DateTime field; well, you could use a lot of DATEADD/DATEPART etc, but it will be slow if you have a lot of data, as it can't really use an index here. Your DB may offer a suitable type natively - such as the TIME type in SQL Server 2008 - but you could just as easily store the time offset in minutes (for example).

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Another Oracle method for simple situations:

select ...
from   ...
where  EXTRACT(HOUR FROM my_date) >= 17


Tricky for some questions though, like all records with the time between 15:03:21 and 15:25:45. I'd also use the TO_CHAR method there.

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In Informix, assuming that you use a DATETIME YEAR TO SECOND field to hold the full date, you'd write:


'EXTEND' can indeed contract the set of fields (as well as extend it, as the name suggests).

As Thilo noted, this is an area of extreme variability between DBMS (and Informix is certainly one of the variant ones).

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Ok, I've got it.

select myfield1, 
  from mytable
 where datename(hour, mydatefield) > 17

This will get me records with a mydatefield with a time later than 5pm.

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You may also want to think about the real early hours of the morning and include anything before 6am or something... – Thilo Oct 6 '08 at 23:39
In this case, I don't care, but I can see that would be something to consider in other cases (I'm just trying to find out when people are generally out, so we can schedule some db maintenance). – thursdaysgeek Oct 6 '08 at 23:43

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