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I'm trying to simply update a record using a JSON API on a rails site. dev site here: vitogo.org. I'm using CanCan for authorization and Devise for authentication.

Using POSTman I can make a GET request just fine, but when I try to make a PUT request, it just loggs me out of the site.

I've been searching for a while and can't find an answer that solves my problem. I believe this to be related to not having a CSRF token when making a PUT request from a JSON API, so I tried adding:

before_filter :verified_request?

def verified_request?
    if request.content_type == "application/json"

I assume a lot of people do this, so I don't know why I haven't been able to find an explanation for how to do it.

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So the answer here was that I was sending the wrong JSON. With POSTman I was just giving a key value pair, when I need to do model[key]:value. so in my situation, to update my name in the user model, I needed to do:

key: user[name] value: Dave.

The above example would change my name from Arel to Dave. What it did was change the JSON being sent from {"name"=>"Dave", "id"=>"39"} which is wrong, to {"user"=>{"name"=>"Dave", "id"=>"39"}}

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