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I'm really obfuscated by the naming of smali file.

Traditionally, the class a will be named as a.smali, and the inner class b of a will be named a$b.smali.

but just now I came across a class f, its file is f.2.smali, meanwhile in the same directory I also see a lot of files like a.2.smali, b.2.smali..., and their similarity is in the directory, A.smali,B.smali also exist (following is the screenshot of the directory):

Smali file name example

So I'm curious is there any standard rule that can tell how the smali file name when decompile an Android application?


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Accidently I found that this situation happens in my Mac OS system, where A.smali and a.smali are the same file.

when in the other Linux system like Debian, it will not happen, A.smali and a.smali are different files and the a.smali will not become a.2.smali.

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