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So say I have an image, and I want to make it so that only the red channel shows up, and the image looks red, how would I do this using PIL? Thanks.

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You can use the Image.split() operation from PIL to separate the image into bands:

img = Image.open("image.jpg")
red, green, blue = img.split()

If the image has an alpha channel (RGBA) the split function will aditionaly return that. More information here.

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I found the answer. Instead of using im.split(), which converted the band to grayscale, I should've converted the Image to an array,multiplied the bands I don't want by 0, and then turned it back to an Image object.

Importing Image and numpy, I did the following:

a = Image.open("image.jpg")
a = numpy.array(a)
a[:,:,0] *=0
a[:,:,1] *=0
a = Image.fromarray(a)

This would show a blue image.

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