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When I try to initialize an object declared/defined in a different file (but I believe it's been loaded via requireJS), it gives me ReferenceError: myTemplates is not defined. I have two files: main.js and templates.js.

In main.js (which is where I would like to load the object from templates.js and initialize it,

define(["jquery-ui", "templates"], function () {

  var templates = new myTemplates();     // gives ReferenceError
  alert( "Never reached this call" + $().jquery);

  $(document).ready(function() {
    alert( "Never reached this call " + $().jquery);


In templates.js, which just have an object named myTemplates with a function named test as follows

define(["jquery-ui"], function () {
  alert( "This alert is raised, proving that jQuery/jQuery UI is loaded in templates.js " + $().jquery);

  function myTemplates(){
    this.test = function(){
      return false;

For the config file for requireJS, named requireconfig.js, I have

  "baseUrl": "scripts/lib",
  "paths": {
    "app": "../app",
    "jquery" : [
    "jquery-ui" : [
    "templates" : "../app/templates/templates"

  shim: {
    "jquery-ui": {
       exports: "$",
       deps: ["jquery"]},
requirejs(["app/main", "templates"]);

I'm pretty sure the jQuery and jQuery UIs are loaded properly in templates.js, but I can't understand why I'm getting ReferenceError for initializing myTemplates in main.js. Could anyone please take a look and help me out. Thank you.

p.s. The Github upload of the files/folders is here in case anyone wants to look at the folder/file hierarchy.

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OK, two problems

in templates.js, once you defined a object, or function, you have to return it

function myTemplates(){ ... };
return myTemplates;

in main.js, you have to give a reference name for those defined objects, unless they are not AMD or defined in shim config.

define(["jquery-ui", "templates"], function ($ui, myTemplates)

give a try!

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Thank you @Cauliturtle. I followed your suggestion above and it works! Is it possible to make the function myTemplates, an AMD and if so, could you please give me a brief answer or direct me to a guide online? Thank you again. – user1330974 Jul 16 '13 at 8:41
yes, your approach has no problem. But I suggest you to use Backbone.js, which help you easy to care about your view. – Cauliturtle Jul 16 '13 at 9:59
Thank you, @Cauliturtle. I've read about Backbone.js, but seems like it's time I learn it. :) Thank you for taking time to contribute to StackOverflow to pass down the knowledge and help others. – user1330974 Jul 16 '13 at 14:00

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