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I have just got introduced to the, html5 media capture API and im ready to give it a try. I have seen this capture being displayed on the same page but i have yet to see anybody speak on streaming via the server. so what im asking is there a way to avoid flash,silver light and capture the camera, mic and display this to another page on the site for my other users to view ? like a live stream for the entire site ?


function fallback(e) {
  video.src = 'fallbackvideo.webm';

function success(stream) {
  video.src = window.URL.createObjectURL(stream);

if (!navigator.getUserMedia) {
} else {
  navigator.getUserMedia({video: true}, success, fallback);

html: staff.php - user page that will capture the stream

 <div id="canvas-capture"></div>

cams.php?modelkey=34223r528edfwd23rfwedcwe - page where i want the stream shared

     <div id="canvas-capture"></div>
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Yes, you can display the captured video elsewhere. The success callback that you pass togetUserMedia will be invoked with the media stream object from which you can generate a URI that can be specified as the src attribute of a <video> tag on your other page.

More information and code snippets can be found on the html5rocks Getting Started with WebRTC page.

(P.S. I should note that you use the server to relay communication tokens between browsers, but then the streaming happens directly between browsers and is not done through your server).

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sample code? new to raw js. – Youngnate DaGreat Jul 16 '13 at 21:38

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