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I am having an issue with call Drupal using MooTool's JSONP. Here is an example.

Here is my request:

callback Request.JSONP.request_map.request_1
sessid 123123123123123
node {"type":"blog","title":"New Title","body":"This is the blog body"}

Here is my result

HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error

I got this working before, but i used AMFPHP and was able to send objects to drupal. I am assuming that this has to do with Drupal expecting an object, but since it is a GET it gets transformed as a string. Is there any way of getting around this with out hacking the code?

Here is my code:

 $('newBlogSubmit').addEvent('click', function()
          var node = {
               type : "blog",
               title:"New Title",
               body :"This is the blog body"

           var string = JSON.encode(node);

           var sessID = _sessID;

           DrupalService.getInstance().node_save(string, sessID, drupal_handleBlogSubmit);

My Drupal Service JS Code:


DrupalService.prototype.node_save = function(node, sessid, callback){
  var dataObj = {
        method : "",
        sessid : sessid,
       node : node
  DrupalService.getInstance().request(dataObj, callback);


DrupalService.prototype.request = function(dataObject, callback){
   new JsonP('', {data: dataObject,onComplete: callback}).request();

I am trying to connect the dots, but not too familiar with Drupal, but i would guess all I need to do is turn the string back into an object. Any ideas where I should be looking, or if there is an existing patch?

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A first question could be why you use mootools since Drupal comes with jQuery and use it extensively throughout the different modules and Drupal core itself.

Anyways I don't know mootools so can't help you there, but if your request in ending in a internal server error, you have a problem with your drupal code or your js code. So even if I knew exactly what you were doing, I couldn't tell you the problem without looking at the drupal code for your callback.

In general, what you want to make sure is:

  • You make a POST request, as drupal will cache get's and the semantic of this, is that you are posting data - the node - to the server.
  • Your data should be sent as post params, this will make them end up in the PHP $_POST variable
  • Your callback should validate the data and act accordingly, creating a node when the data is intact. You don't need session id's since the script will have the same session the browser has.

I've answered a similar question in detail, which was about altering a field instead of saving a node, but much of the work is still the same. You can take a look on the post, although this is with jQuery and not Mootools.

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