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VBA solutions can vary widely in size.

I would like to add user help documentation to all solutions but the level of effort to create and deploy the help needs to match the size of the solution.

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When you say help documentation to all solutions, are you refering to code commenting and documenting the code written, or help from user input point of view and helping him understand what fields need to be inputed – Dheer Oct 8 '08 at 11:21

You should check the VBA version of MZ-Tools. It is an add-in for VBA that can automatically generate documentation from your code (function name, parameters, comments, subject, etc.). You can also use it to automatically generate line numbers, onError labels, etc. More on the automatic documenting feature can be found here.

It is free, easy, and very efficient. Once you notice how much you save time by using it, please do like me: donate.

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<>; – Jon Fournier Oct 8 '08 at 13:46
The MZ-Tools documentation feature is very good, but aimed at documenting the code. I am looking for solutions to create and deliver end user help documentation. – Robert Mearns Oct 11 '08 at 19:38

You may wish to consider HTML Help. It allows you to produce help files that are similar to standard Microsoft help. It is not particularly difficult to use, for the most part.

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