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Hi I am making a website for events and I wanted to display the date from the database..

if i jus retrive the date as it is the query is working..

Now if I want my date to be printed as Sunday 12th January 2013, I run the query given below and it works jus fine in mysql but wen i run it thro my webpage its not happening...

d_o_e is my date of event column name.

$sqldate="SELECT DATE_FORMAT(d_o_e, '%W %D %M %Y')FROM events WHERE event_id=$event_id;";

How should I go abt it? How to hold the value returned by the query?? Thanks in advance

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Consider using alias

$sqldate="SELECT DATE_FORMAT(d_o_e, '%W %D %M %Y' ) as `d_o_e` FROM events WHERE event_id=$event_id;";

whne you ran your query the column name you are getting is DATE_FORMAT(d_o_e, '%W %D %M %Y' ) and not d_o_e . So use alias to make it simpler.

If you enable the error reporting you must be getting undefined index error for your code .

Hope you got what I meant .

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oh oh thanks thanks @Let's Code it worked... Im so happy .... Thank You... So was the value being returned this (DATE_FORMAT(d_o_e, '%W %D %M %Y' )) instead of actually The date?? – Roshan Vincent Jul 16 '13 at 6:10
Glad to help you. Value is fine but column name was not .Try googling it. Feel free to accept the answer if it helped you :) – alwaysLearn Jul 16 '13 at 6:11

DATE_FORMAT is a mysql function and you should assign variable name for result, such as:

$sqldate="SELECT DATE_FORMAT(d_o_e, '%W %D %M %Y') as formatted_date FROM events WHERE event_id=$event_id;";

and then use like $dateformat=$rowdate["formatted_date"];

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+1 This will likely resolve the issue. In terms of SQL, we refer to the "AS formatted_date" as an 'alias' for the column. What that is doing is assigning an alias to that column in the resultset. – spencer7593 Jul 16 '13 at 6:38

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