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I have created several Q about correctly mapping a website with a database so that google can index it properly. However, need more info.

My website is a classifieds website (PHP). Users can search ads on my site. Searching for 'BMW' will bring up only the titles of all 'bmw' ads and display them as a search result. (like google kindof). When user clicks on an 'ad', no matter which ad, an ID of that ad is passed along to 'show_ad.php'. In 'show_ad.php' the ID is received and the proper ad is displayed from the mysql database. Also, when displaying the ad, meta-tags are also dynamically changed (fetched from db) to fit the ad (I need this so that google finds the ad easier hopefully).

Now, would this be enough for making my site 'friendly'?

Also, I can change the URL with .htaccess I think, so instead of:


it will show:


Also, I think I must add a link like the one above inside a static html page for each ad created, just so that google knows its there... right?

But, still, will this be enough?

Please guide me...

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iam not an expert, but i if you work on the URLs anyway, make it more "human readable" in the first place... so, - Try to create "speaking" keys, e.g. instead of "123456" use "bmw-motorcycles-july-2010" or something.. so your url would be mypage.com/show_ads.php?key=bmw-motorcycles-july-2010 –  David Nov 19 '09 at 22:20
This does not look programming-related at all. It should go to SuperUser or ServerFault. –  David Thornley Nov 19 '09 at 22:31

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To make it more friendly, I would suggest the following:

  1. For each URL, instead of having (just) an id, try to add keywords to the URL as well. The earlier the better: /bmw/12345/show_ad.php
  2. For each page, make sure you have a good <title>. I.e. 'My page - Ads - BMW'
  3. Have a proper <h1>-tag containing the keywords you want to rank high in.
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I would recommend this book. An answer on stack overflow won't give you sufficient information.

(The art of SEO "Theory in Practice")


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+1 Agreed. SEO is a huge field. Also check out Google's page on SEO google.com/support/webmasters/bin/… –  Byron Whitlock Nov 19 '09 at 22:21

Yes, it will help a lot, google will still spider pages with parameters on the end, but they still treat .htm pages differently.

As another suggestion, try putting the subject into the filename:


Or something like that, and have a search parameter thrown in to show_ad.php. This will help even more.

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What's your evidence for them treating .htm pages differently? –  ceejayoz Nov 19 '09 at 22:28
My own SERPs, and consensus by pretty much every large player in the seo/marketing industry. Nobody outside of Google truly knows how their algorithm works, so all you can do is measure results. And this one is pretty much common knowledge these days. –  Jeremy Morgan Nov 19 '09 at 22:45

Don't use ids, use the tag in the URL, more Google and human friendly, so instead of


use URLs like this one


To do this type of things you would need another field in you DB for the URL friendly name for the tag (spaces, accents... removed) and use mod_rewrite to rewrite the URLs.

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If your pages are dynamic and share a layout, there is a good chance Google will throw many of them out as duplicates. If the content is significantly different from page to page,there is less of a chance of that happening. Google will likely not index all of your pages in either case.

If possible, you should make your urls have words not numbers as Google will look at the URL for keywords.

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Google is very good at detecting shared elements and ignoring them for duplicate content purposes. –  ceejayoz Nov 19 '09 at 22:29

1.URL is primary in your situation. Google does not like URL created from data base. So make a change to it. I recommend you make your URL in this way: www.yourdomain.com/BMW/12456/bmw-car-AD.The advantages of this URL are: It is user friendly, Google friendly(since it contains keywords)and system stable as well(see the ID).

2.All of SEO stuff like good title and description tag,<im> your keywords, decently use <t>,keywords etc. It is worthwhile to read some related articles. Do not obsessed by SEO, do things Google encouraged you to do.

3.Good sitemap is also useful. Pay attention to URL structure of your whole site, if possible, please build some inbound links to your site, that is also helpful.

Good luck to you!

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