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I am looking for a complete list of all possible jvm exit codes (not java System.exit(x)). The only thing I could find by using a search engine is a list of SIGTERM exit codes: http://journal.thobe.org/2013/02/jvms-and-kill-signals.html . I want to know if there are specific exit codes for uncatched Exceptions?

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Argument passed to System.exit(x) -> becomes the JVM exit code.

Exit code 0 is used to indicate normal exit. Unique positive exit code to indicate specific problem.

I want to know if there are specific exit codes for uncatched Exceptions?

No. If all non-daemon threads exit normally(presence/absence of exception does not matter), JVM terminates with 0.

Exit code between 1 and 127 are specific codes used to indicate error in JVM. e.g. mismatched jdk/jre versions, incorrect memory configuration/command-line options, etc.

About the link


JVM exit due to specific signal would be


List of signal-id can be found using kill -l

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