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I have a object, which contains 15 data inside, i decide to place them in to 3 columns, i am using the helper function to split them as 3 group and finally returing a new object. after i return the object i am using the if conditions to manipulate the elements..

can any one advice me what i am doing wrong or show me the correct way to do it..?

here is the html part :

<div id="columns"></div>

 <script id="navi-template" type="text/x-handlebars-template">
        {{#colMaker this}}
            {{#if this.f}}
                <div class="col0">{{name}}</div>
            {{#if this.s}}
                <div class="col1">{{name}}</div>
            {{#if this.t}}
                <div class="col2">{{name}}</div>

temp part of works:

var obj = {
    "columns":[ {"name":"name1"},{"name":"name2"},{"name":"name3"},{"name":"name4"},{"name":"name5"},{"name":"name6"},

Handlebars.registerHelper("colMaker", function(arr, options, context){

    var fn = options.fn, ret = "";

        if(i % 3 == 0){
            ret += fn({"f":"f","name" : arr[i].name});
        }else if(i % 3 == 1){
            ret += fn({"s":"s","name" : arr[i].name});
        }else if(i % 3 == 2){
            ret += fn({"t":"t","name" : arr[i].name});

    return ret;


var temp = Handlebars.compile($("#navi-template").html());

the way i like to take a result to keep the elements part in html document, not in loops. Thanks in advance.

Live Demo

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What is the problem you are actually facing. You are converting arr to 3 columns correctly. I just changed the width of the column container. – Zahid Riaz Jul 18 '13 at 9:05
I am getting each labels in separate divs, i unable to group them all in 3 columns.. with best practice. I am looking to put all datas nested within 3 columns. (keeping html's in template) – 3gwebtrain Jul 19 '13 at 9:24

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