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My site is built on a WebAPI back end... the issues occurs on deployment, as my Uri wasn't formatted correctly due to our IIS deployment/site structure





So I modified my http helper to include a baseUri like so

    define(function () {
        var baseUri = window.AppPath;
        return {
            baseUri: baseUri,
            defaultJSONPCallbackParam: 'callback',
            get: function (url, query) {
                return $.ajax(baseUri + url, { data: query });

And on my Index.cshtml added the following to get the set the root/baseUri path:

var AppPath = '@string.Format("{0}://{1}{2}", Request.Url.Scheme, Request.Url.Authority, Url.Content("~"))';
console.log('AppPath: '+AppPath);

The baseUri path is correct when I log it to the console from the Index.cshtml: EG.

AppPath: http://itil.mysite.com/TestSite/ 

But when I do the actual api call (from my deployed instance), it still uses the old Uri..




My next thought was that the files must be cached somehow, so I tried the following:

  • Restarted IIS numerous times,
  • Deleted and redeployed files
  • Disabled Caching in chrome,
  • Disabled .js caching in IIS (usermode & kernel mode),
  • Restarted my PC
  • Modified the ScriptBundle to try and force it to (for the lack of a better word) go out of sync, then added my code back

The code works when i use my Visual Studio dev server, but I'm getting the same issue on my local IIS & Alpha test site... with no luck.

How the hell do i clear the cache on a deployed site :/ This is getting to the point where things seems to be a bit ridiculous. Either I'm losing it, or the "big guy" hates me.

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Sigh.. Second time I've been caught out by this. I thought my issue was MVC related, its was Durandal deployment related :P

Note to everyone reading this.

Once you deploy a Durandal project & if you modify ANY of the existing javascript files or main.js. Remember to run optimizer.exe.

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