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I've got a string that looks a bit like this : blah Wt 10.35 kg blah

And I'm using : (?<=Wt)(.*?)(?=kg)

To get the value of the weight (between Wt and kg) - but it's also pulling the white space from either side.

Can anyone tell me please how I can tweak the expression to just give me back the value and not the white space.

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put the spaces in the lookarounds:


Since you use the .net framework you can use a variable length lookbehind (which is often forbidden in other regex flavour)

\s is the character class for white characters (spaces, tab, newlines)

\S means all that is not in \s

I used \S+ instead of .*? to avoid a lazy quantifier, and to trim spaces around the target substring.

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Nice improvement, don't forget to add some explanation. Why we could use unfixed length lookbehinds here, the meaning of \S+ etc :) –  HamZa Jul 16 '13 at 9:32

Since you're using a group anyways, you may just add a non-capturing group:


\s* will match zero or more whitespace characters.

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try to use (?<=Wt)\s+(.*?)\s+(?=kg)

The \s+ should eat out white spaces and leave just the value.


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