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I need to bind a specific values of a column to another column based on some conditions.

I have four columns in my grid, so based on the values of the second column I need to prefer binding the values of the third column to the same or fourth column (i.e either one) in Ultragrid.

In which event can I write this? How to do this?

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Use InitializeRow event of UltraGrid

Try this:


Private Sub grdReport_InitializeRow(sender As Object, e As InitializeRowEventArgs) Handles grdReport.InitializeRow

    If (e.Row.Cells("column1").Value Is "") Then
      //Do ur stuff here
    End If

End Sub
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If you want to use less memory it is better to use the GetCellValue method off the UltraGridRow object rather than accessing the cell directly as the cells are created when necessary and accessing the cell will cause its creation. There are more details on this in the Memory Usage topic in the help:… – alhalama Jul 29 '13 at 14:48

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