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I have a repeater which displays comments related to a post.

I want to add some functionality where when the user click on the link it goes from:

report this post


post has been flagged

how do I access the specific lnkButton? Obviously in ItemDataBound this is easily done, but in the click method I'm not sure how I would do it.

Do I need to do something like:

I tried something like this;

LinkButton lb = repeater.FindControl(LINK_BUTTON_UNIQUE_ID) as LinkButton;
lb.Text = "blah blah blah";

but lb is always null.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Are you saving the flag status to a db? If so, why not just refresh the repeater after the postback and not worry about it? –  Chris Van Opstal Nov 19 '09 at 23:51
yeah I was saving the flag status to a db –  Jack Marchetti Nov 19 '09 at 23:58

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Use the source parameter of the click handler?

protected void MyLinkButton_OnClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
    LinkButton b = sender as LinkButton;
    b.Text = "Some Text";
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wow i feel stupid LOL Thanks!!! –  Jack Marchetti Nov 19 '09 at 23:57
No problem, Glad to help. –  Wil P Nov 20 '09 at 0:01

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