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I use the following code to open a popup

   var popup = L.popup();

 function onMapClick(e) {



and can set location and content like this

 location = [51.5, -0.09];
 content = "I am a standalone popup.";

So the popup will display at those co-ordinates with I am a standalone popup. as the text on the popup.

Now, My links are constructed as

  a class="location" latlng="52.3395, -2.06612" content="my location" value="1">My location</a>

When the link is clicked I want it to update the location and content of the popup. So I use

  location = $(this).attr("latlng");
  content = $(this).attr("content");

The content will get updated. But I cannot get the location to set correctly.

I have tried

   location = "[" + $(this).attr("latlng") + "]";

and all variations I can think of. If I alert the location it displays as I expect it.

I think this is a leaflet issue rather than a jquery issue.

What can I do?

Thank you for any help

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Your code is creating an array containing one string instead of an array containing 2 numbers. You could do something like this:

 <a class="location" lat="52.3395" lng="-2.06612" content="my location" value="1">My location</a>

   location = [$(this).attr("lat"), $(this).attr("lng")];
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Thank you, This has helped – Sam Healey Jul 16 '13 at 12:49

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