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I have a Hospital table and the Addresses tables where i have written a simple data query to the DB

 db.Hospitals.All().Join(DB.Address,out address).

The Hospital Model class has Address internally

 Class HospitalModel
      public string Name{get;set;}
      public HospitalAddress Address{get;set;}

    public class HospitalAddress
       public string PostCode{get;set;}

I am able to get the Name property but the postcode in HospitalAddress doesn't seem to work. Wondering where this is a problem .

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That should eager-load the Address which will make the cast work as expected.

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Table name is Addresses where is the field name is Address –  satish Jul 16 '13 at 12:58
Then your original query won't work as you're referencing the Addresses table as DB.Address in the Join call. Try List<HospitalModel> hospitals = db.Hospitals.All().With(db.Hospitals.Addresses.As("Address")); Simple.Data does some simple pluralization magic so you can call your table using either the singular or the plural of the table name. Details on that at blog.hmobius.com/post/2012/06/23/…. –  Hmobius Jul 17 '13 at 8:24
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