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I have implemented a TCP Server and a TCP Client (to test the server) in Python 2.5.1.

If I start both Python scripts in two separate PythonWin IDE's (on the same machine) everything works fine. The server transmits data according to the client's request and the connection will never be refused.

However, If i run both scripts in two separate cmd windows using:

python "<pathtoscript>"

the connection of the client will be refused.

I am planning to permanetly run the server in the background using a batch file which will be called as a log-on script at system boot, so it is essential that I can run the server script via cmd.

Any suggestions fixing that issue would be highly appreciated.

P.S.: It also doesn't work using to separate IDLE windows.

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There isn't anything we could possibly tell you about this without seeing your code. – Ansgar Wiechers Jul 16 '13 at 12:50
Well, the next day it was working. Doesn't know why. The only thing that was different the next day is that the server has not been running for a couple of hours (transferring data to the client using a permanently open connection) before closing the connection and trying to connect again with the client. – Rickson Jul 18 '13 at 20:36

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