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I know there is a way to make vim run scons instead of make when I press :make.

I had an option that did this in my ~/.vimrc but I removed it a while ago and forgot what it was.

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Set makeprg. I'm not sure if any options are required for scons, but it might look like:

set makeprg=scons
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I had the same problem this weekend. I didn't want to type :set makeprg=scons every time I started Vim or hard-code 'makeprg' in my .vimrc, because I use make for some projects, maven for others, rake..., et cetera ...

So today I wrote a Vim plugin called Makeshift to determine what to call for :make by looking for known files (Makefile, SConstruct, pom.xml, ...) and setting 'makeprg' accordingly.

Details are on vim.org for DoR and future visitors to this question.

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+1 Well, that's just... awesome. Thank you. –  Sardathrion Oct 26 '12 at 8:21
@Sardathrion: I'm delighted you have found it useful. –  Johnsyweb Oct 26 '12 at 21:29

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