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I have a T-SQL query but struggling to convert it to SQLite for android, I have same table names, field name, table structure and relationship, any help will be appreciated, below is the query

          WHERE Field_fieldID = F.fieldID
          AND YEAR(date) = (SELECT TOP 1 YEAR(date) FROM Usages 
                            ORDER BY Date DESC)
   ) as UsageCount
   ,(SELECT TOP 1 u.culture FROM Usages u WHERE u.Field_fieldID = F.fieldID 
      ORDER BY u.date desc) as culture
   ,(SELECT TOP 1 u.sort FROM Usages u WHERE u.Field_fieldID = F.fieldID 
      ORDER BY u.date desc) as sort 
FROM Fields as F INNER JOIN Usages s on s.Field_fieldID = F.fieldID 
GROUP BY F.fieldID,F.name,F.description,F.sizeHA,F.sizeA
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struggling to convert it - what does this mean? You get errors? Compiler errors or runtime? What happens? –  Simon Jul 16 '13 at 12:13
@Simon I am not familiar with sqllite so struggling to get the syntax right and the alternatives for TOP keyword,get Year from Date etc –  Syed Waqas Jul 16 '13 at 12:15

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Replace usage of TOP:


with the LIMIT clause:


Furthermore, there is no YEAR function. If your dates are stored in one of the supported date formats, use strftime to get the year as a four-digit string:

strftime('%Y', date)
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