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/* CAT:Bar Chart */ 

 /* pChart library inclusions */ 
    require "ludigidb.php";

            $db = new luDigi_db ();
            $r=$db->do_some_magic($db->run_q("SELECT emc_city , COUNT(  `emc_city` ) AS count FROM emc_leadgen  GROUP BY emc_city "));
            if ($r > 0)  {
/* Create and populate the pData object */ 
    $MyData = new pData();   
            foreach($r as $l)
            foreach($l as $g=>$b)
            for ($i=0; $i<count($colnams); $i++)  {
            $MyData->addPoints($colnams[$i],"emc_city");// (1) this portion is showing the x axis values//
            for ($ii=0; $ii<count($colnams); $ii++)  {
            $MyData->addPoints($colnams[$ii],"count");// (2) I am facing problem in this line //
/* Create the pChart object */ 
 $myPicture = new pImage(700,230,$MyData); 

 /* Turn of Antialiasing */ 
 $myPicture->Antialias = FALSE; 

 /* Add a border to the picture */ 

 /* Set the default font */ 

 /* Define the chart area */ 

 /* Draw the scale */ 
 $scaleSettings = array("GridR"=>200,"GridG"=>200,"GridB"=>200,"DrawSubTicks"=>TRUE,"CycleBackground"=>TRUE); 

 /* Write the chart legend */ 

 /* Turn on shadow computing */  

 /* Draw the chart */ 
 $settings = array("Surrounding"=>-30,"InnerSurrounding"=>30,"Interleave"=>0); 

 /* Render the picture (choose the best way) */ 


[1]: = this image is my output which helps you to understand my problem ** I am working in a php language . I am using 3 classes of pchart only . In the pic , I have send you the output result . the problem is that I am getting cities name and count values in the x axis , see point (1) and in (2) point I need the count values . I am not able to figure out which variable i have to pass to get the count values .**

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