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I am deploying a large application with approx - 12 WARs and JARs bundled in an EAR file. However I am unable to reach the application page from browser.

A few things I have verified -

  1. Server log, I don't see any exception. It's a clean deploy.
  2. Server console shows that the application is deployed. All the app components are deployed correctly, all the descriptors are correct.
  3. An earlier version of the app works fine when deployed from Eclipse as an exploded app i.e. not as an EAR. I am trying to get it working towards CI using ANT and Continuum.

JBoss version is 4.2.3, JRE is 1.6, the code is compiled using ANT for target version of 1.5.

I can post the logs too, but, before that wanted to check with the group if there are any other checks that I am missing. Any pointer or clues would be truly appreciated.

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Please include the content of your application.xml file – skaffman Nov 20 '09 at 10:25
Thank you for the suggestion, I noticed that the order in which the WebServices was loaded had an issue. Reordering it resolved the issue. – Win Man Nov 21 '09 at 1:55

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