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I have Agent and Brand in my Rails 4 app (an Agent has many :brands), and each one have a :subdomain field.

So I want to have:

- agentsubdomain.domain.com (should redirect to 'agents#show')
- brandsubdomain.domain.com (should redirect to 'agents/brands#show')

I'm trying to do this in routes.rb:

resources :agents do
    resources :brands, module: 'agents'

get '/', to: 'agents/brands#show', 
    constraints: lambda { |r| r.subdomain.present? && r.subdomain != 'www' }
get '/', to: 'agents#show', 
    constraints: lambda { |r| r.subdomain.present? && r.subdomain != 'www' }

root 'home#index'

That obviously doesn't work because only the first '/' is matched, always going to brands#show.

How can I redirect to agents#show OR agents/brands#show, depending on which one exists?

Thank you!

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Create a routes_helper.rb module. In it create 2 methods one called "agents_brands_present?" and one called "agents_present?" then have them receive the request object as a parameter and check if the appropriate subdomains exist.

require 'RoutesHelper'
get '/', to: 'agents/brands#show', 
    constraints: lambda { |r| r.subdomain.present? && RoutesHelper.agents_brand_present?(r) && r.subdomain != 'www' }
get '/', to: 'agents#show', 
    constraints: lambda { |r| r.subdomain.agents_present? && RoutesHelper.agents_present?(r) && r.subdomain != 'www' }
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Excellent! That worked like a charm... Thank you so much! –  Josias Schneider Jul 17 '13 at 13:08
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