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I am just moving over to LINQ, so still get stuck with certain scenarios.

In the following XML I need to select the correct Persist node based on the RoomCodes attribute value and also grab need the other values from the Item/@attributes based on what we selected. So if I needed the second one I would select by the @RoomCodes = "257|1" and would also need the currency etc. from that Persist node.

Thanks All


        <Item SequenceNum="Wy4FDfktUFj"/>
        <Item RatePlanCode="Qgcu8UofK+ARXUwDD6NGf"/>
        <Item RoomCodes="232|4"/>
        <Item AmountAfterTax="1442.00"/>
        <Item CurrencyCode="USD"/>
        <Item SequenceNum="Wy4FDfktUFj"/>
        <Item RatePlanCode="Unk28iUoIjundujak+9094j3"/>
        <Item RoomCodes="257|1"/>
        <Item AmountAfterTax="552.00"/>
        <Item CurrencyCode="USD"/>
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string value = "232|4";
var xdoc = XDocument.Load(path_to_xml);
var persist = 
        .FirstOrDefault(p => 
            p.Elements().Any(i => (string)i.Attribute("RoomCodes") == value));

Or with XPath extensions for LINQ to XML:

var persist = xdoc.XPathSelectElement("//Persist[Item/@RoomCodes='257|1']");
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Thanks, worked like a charm. –  DazzlaJ Jul 16 '13 at 14:54

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