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I have a LoginWindows, that run in startup.

I have a enterButton ,when click it, send a parametr to mainwindows and show it then hide self.

   public RelayCommand EnterCommand { get; set; }
    public LoginViewModel()
        EnterCommand = new RelayCommand(() => Enter());


    private object Enter()
     //Show MainWndow

What is the best way to open a new window from the viewmodel in mvvmLight?

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It is Useful answer.


  • Registering Multiple VM's with the SimpleIoC and using GetInstance(...) to request them out.
  • Messenger class usage with a custom message type OpenWindowMessage
  • Opening Modal / Non Modal Windows from a parent VM staying true to the MVVM principles
  • Passing data between windows(just shown in NonModal)

Important Note:

The method used in this example to set the non DP DialogResult from the modal window is not MVVM friendly cos it uses code-behind to set the DialogResult property on a Window.Closing event which should be avoided(If needing to be "testable"). My preferred approach is a bit long and is very well documented HERE(Mixture of question and answer). Hence why I ignored it for the sake of this sample.

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Could you post code for hiding main window? – User1551892 Jul 17 '13 at 13:24
in the code behind, when register the messanger ....this.Hide(); – ar.gorgin Jul 20 '13 at 3:34

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