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Can someone tell me the difference and which one has to be used when ?

<bean id="b1" class="" />

<bean id="" class="">
 <property name="b1" ref="b1" />


<bean id="" class="">
 <property name="b1" idref="b1" />
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"ref" is used to pass the bean that the ref refers to. "idref" is used to pass the name of the bean (as a String) that is referred to.

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id is used to create an instance of Class, idref is used for pointing to name of the bean

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idref must point to a real bean. and the format should be <idref bean=""/>

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Here is a little more verbose example, suppose you have two beans A and B:

<bean class="A" id="a" />

<bean class="B"/>
        <ref bean="a"
        <idref bean="a"

In this case B would have a constructor that would look like this:

public B(A a, String string) {
     string.equals("a"); //true

So with ref you can reference an object and with idref you just reference the name of the bean

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