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I've been trying to use regular expressions in notepadd++ to automate alot of changes I need to make to a document, but I don't think I really understand the syntax.

I have several sections of text that are similar to:

<a class='endnote' href='#cite1'><sup>[1]</sup></a>

the numbers are the only variable, and I would like to change it to:

<ref name="cite1" />


    <div id='cite1'>
    <p class='cite'><sup>1</sup>a bunch of text</p>

the numbers are the only variable, and I would like to change it to:

 <ref name="cite1">a bunch of text</ref>
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It looks like you want to replace 2 different combination of characters. Can you provide the expected output for each ? –  HamZa Jul 16 '13 at 14:56
ok, ill edit to make it more clear. –  the1gofer Jul 16 '13 at 18:06

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The first string can be replaced using this which validates the anchor tag has a class called endnote and pulls the href value not including the #.

Regex: <a\b(?=\s)(?=(?:[^>=]|='[^']*'|="[^"]*"|=[^'"][^\s>]*)*?\sclass=['"]endnote['"])(?=(?:[^>=]|='[^']*'|="[^"]*"|=[^'"][^\s>]*)*?\shref=['"]\#(cite[^'"]*)['"])(?:[^>=]|='[^']*'|="[^"]*"|=[^'"\s]*)*\s?> .*?<\/a>

Replace with: <ref name="$1" />

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This second string can be replaced using this regex

Regex: <div\b(?=\s|>)(?:[^>=]|='[^']*'|="[^"]*"|=[^'"\s]*)*\s?>.*?<p\b(?=\s)(?=(?:[^>=]|='[^']*'|="[^"]*"|=[^'"][^\s>]*)*?\sclass=['"](cite)['"])(?:[^>=]|='[^']*'|="[^"]*"|=[^'"\s]*)*\s?><sup>([^<]*)<\/sup>(.*?)<\/p>.*?<\/div>

Replace With: <ref name="$1$2">$3</ref>

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