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The VPN gateway for the local (premise) network is I would like to add subnets and, but keep getting the message “Cannot delete or modify virtual network while in use ‘name of the virtual network’”. I have found documentation that states that the subnets for the virtual network can only be the non-routable networks (,, and, but nothing that states that this same restriction is in place for the local (premise) network. I have successfully added subnets to the local network in all three of the subnets listed above, but fail when we try to add addresses from any other subnets.

Thoughts? The site-to-site vpn connection has already been established and is operational. I am just trying to expand access to subnets in my local (premise) network.

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The error is pretty clear. Cannot delete or modify network while in use. You actually cannot modify network after you create the Gateway. This is the current state of the service. If you want a change - create a completely new VNet with all the on-premises sub-nets. Then create its Gateway. Then configure your on-premises router (probably a new interface on it). Then connect the new VNet. Then drop off the old VNet... –  astaykov Jul 16 '13 at 21:50
It would ave been nice to know that up front. I can't imagine having to do this for a production network. –  user2587824 Jul 17 '13 at 15:27

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