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I want to merge two remote repositories in Git.

One is mainstream repository, which I do not have write permission. I want to track its master branch.

The other is maintained by us, I have full rights on it.

I want to track the mainstream code. At the same time, our modification would be recorded in my remote repository.

How do I do this?

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I would recommend:

  • cloning yourRemoteRepo (that way, you can easily pull/push from that repo)
  • adding mainstreamRepo as a remote and fetch its branch, then track the one which interest you

    git clone git://yourRemoteRepo
    git remote add mainStreamRepo http://mainStreamRepo
    git fetch mainStreamRepo
    git checkout -b mainStreamMaster mainStreamRepo/master
    git checkout master

From there, you can

  • merge mainStreamMaster to your master,
  • or rebase your master on top of mainStreamMaster (in order to integrate the full history of mainStreamMaster into your master branch)
  • then make some evolutions to master (or to a topic-specific branch) that you can push to yourRemoteRepo.
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@TravisCunningham (stackoverflow.com/users/2487332/travis-cunningham) thank you for the edit (incorrectly rejected): I have added the name of the remote I initially forgot. –  VonC Jun 14 '13 at 19:48

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