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I have two schemas on a database named DBO and Switch. I have created this DDL trigger that logs DDL changes on DBO to a table. I then check if the objects affected by the DDL are partitioned or not and if yes I run the same DDL on the other schema Switch. This approach works fine unless the user doesn't specify the schema name in the DDl statement.

I am looking for a way to check the issued DDl for the presence of schema name, and if not present then issue the DDL by default on SWitch schema. Any ideas on how can I achieve this? I am new to TSQL coding and would appreciate anyone helping me out with this one.

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In EVENTDATA available to use in DDL Trigger, there are following fields (among others) available:


If <SchemaName> is not enough for you (if understood correctly, you want to check if user explicitly used schema name in a query), then try to parse <CommandText> using <SchemaName> and <ObjectName>.

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