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This is probably a very basic question and I know how to do it using plain DOM but would like to learn the JQuery way of doing it.

After identifying the set of nodes using the appropriate JQuery selector, I would like to append a textarea, Save and Cancel button to each node with appropriate callback functions attached to the buttons to store values into a database. If the database has a value stored already, it should be pre-populated in the textarea. I can handle the back-end interaction parts, I just wanted to know the best practice for doing this sort of thing as far adding/removing form elements.


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Something like this, perhaps:


    var self = this,
        loading = $('<div>LOADING</div>').appendTo(self),
        id = self.id.replace(/^edit/,'');

    // Retrieve textarea from server
    jQuery.get('/getDataForTextArea?id=' + id, function(textareaValue){


        var textarea = jQuery('<textarea/>')
            .attr('id', 'txt' + id)
                    .attr('id', 'btnSave' + id)
                    .click(function(){ /* Click handler */ })
                    .attr('id', 'btnCancel' + id)
                        /* Remove nodes */

        var tr = jQuery('<tr colspan="4"><td/></tr>');



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+1 Yest this is the right approach! –  TheVillageIdiot Nov 20 '09 at 3:09
I like this answer best since it is the most complete answer for my question (add form elements and callbacks). Followup questions: 1) If my original set of nodes have ids as editN where N is a integer, I would like to give these dynamic nodes txtN, btnSaveN, etc. How can I extract the N? 2) How would the Cancel button remove all these nodes? 3) For layout purposes, I would like to enclose the textarea/save/cancel in a TR/TD (colspan=4), how can I do that? –  Vikas A Nov 20 '09 at 11:59
Edited as per your requirements :) –  James Nov 20 '09 at 13:49
J-P, you are the best! Let me chew on this. Quick question...Is <button> some special token for JQuery? I thought the markup to create a button is input type="button"? –  Vikas A Nov 20 '09 at 14:11
It's a valid HTML element, very similar to <input type="button"/> - you can use whichever one you want... –  James Nov 20 '09 at 14:25


$('<your nodes>').append('<textarea name="...">' + textarea_value + '</textarea>');

or using $(html) form:

$('<textarea name="...">' + textarea_value + '</textarea>').appendTo('<your nodes>');

You may also use $().clone method if you need repeating values. Take a look at official docs.

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As far as appending textarea, buttons to selected nodes @Nikita Prokopov's answer will do the trick. But as you want to add callbacks and back-end interactions, the best way to do will be to write a plugin.

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OK how would I do that? –  Vikas A Nov 20 '09 at 12:02

Nikita Prokopov..answered the question. I have been working with jquery for a little while and this is what I have discovered.

Always give actions a name like so:

var SubmitText = $('#form-text-idNumber').submit(function {
                       //do stuff here
                       return false;

Dont do this:

$('#form-text-idNumber').submit(function {
                       //do stuff here
                       return false;

if you give your actions a variable it will not interfere with other similar forms on the page

Just give all of your actions and sections a variable and you should be good.

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