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I am building an AngularJS application and I would like to show user info in the header of the page when user is logged in. Something like "Welcome,{{username}}".

I have created a SessionHandler service where I keep the information about the user.

module Shared{
    export class SessionHandler implements ISessionHandler {

            loggedUser: string;

            SetLoggedUser(user: string) {
                this.loggedUser = user;

            GetLoggedUser(): string {
                return this.loggedUser;
angular.module("MainApp").service("SessionHandler", Shared.SessionHandler);

I have tried creating a directive

angular.module("MainApp").directive("myheader", function () {
    return {
        restrict: "E",
        templateUrl: "/app/shared/partials/header.html",

        controller: function ($scope, SessionHandler: Shared.ISessionHandler) {

            $scope.LoggedUser = function () {

my header template is simple..


my main app module looks like this

angular.module("MainApp", ['ui.bootstrap','Login', 'Module2'])
    .run(($rootScope: ng.IRootScopeService, $location: ng.ILocationService, SessionHandler: Shared.ISessionHandler) => {
        $rootScope.$on("$routeChangeStart", (event, next, current) => {
            if (!SessionHandler.IsUserLoggedIn()) {
            if (next.templateUrl == "/app/module/login/partials/login.html") {

and my login Controller which is in Login module calls a method on the server and after successful login sets logged user by calling SetLoggedUser() method on SessionHandler.

my index

<html data-ng-app="MainApp">
<div class="container-fluid">

        <div data-ng-view=""></div>

When I start my application logged user is empty so I only see Welcome (I will fix this later) but after I login I am redirected to another partial view but nothing changes in the header. I am obviously missing something but I just can't figure out what.

Thank you.

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In your header directive you are missing the dependency or you can say reference to your SessionHandler service.

Can you try to add that and check what happens next..

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