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I have a script that displays the images via php. www.maindomain.com/image.php?img=test.jpg serve images, and i have other sites, where these images are displayed like this <img src="www.maindomain.com/image.php?img=test1.jpg">

But this script, for show image is on my www.firstsite.com and www.secondsite.com. Is posibble to log which site is showing image? (put it to database for example).

I know, i can use $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] but it's not 100%. Any other ideas?

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I'm afraid because of the nature of HTTP the REFERER approach is a good as it gets, however there are some smart ways to implement it like this one: alistapart.com/article/hotlinking –  Jason Sperske Jul 16 '13 at 16:12

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The only 100% failsafe way to do it is to share the same image with different URLs. F.i. www.maindomain.com/image.php?test1.jpg&ref=first and www.maindomain.com/image.php?test1.jpg&ref=second. As actually this images are not requested by first or second servers but by visitor's browsers. Having different GET params in URL makes it easy to log data you need.

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