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I have a "parent" module in multimodule ant+ivy project. It's only purpose is to provide parent ivy module for other projects. No other artifacts are produced:

<info organization="com.example" module="parent" revision="1.0" />
  <artifact type="ivy" />

Yet when I try publishing such project, ivy attempts to publish parent.jar.

<echoproperties prefix="ivy.artifacts" />
<ivy:publish resolver="staging" />

Echoproperties confirms that publication declaration was at least processed:

[echoproperties] ivy.artifact.1.conf=default, compile, test
[echoproperties] ivy.artifact.1.ext=ivy
[echoproperties] ivy.artifact.1.name=parent
[echoproperties] ivy.artifact.1.type=ivy

while publish fails:

java.io.IOException: missing artifact com.example#parent;1.0!parent.jar
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Normally the publications section of an ivy file doesn't list the ivy file, it's assumed this is automatically published. It does appear that you're picking up the default type for a published artifact, which would be a jar :-(

I'm assuming you're doing this in order to leverage the new extends feature in the child modules? And you're trying to emulate a "pom" parent module in Maven? I wonder if it's supported by ivy...

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It must've been caused by stale cache. After cleaning everything, it works with empty publication list. As for extends I wouldn't call it new - it's 3 years old now. Unfortunately, <ivy:buildlist> produces wrong ordering when using inheritance - IVY-1427 :( – Marcin Wisnicki Jul 16 '13 at 19:30
@MarcinWisnicki Fair point, the ivy project has changed very slowly. Inheritance is not a feature I plan on using with ivy. I think it make builds too complicated (A criticism I apply equally to at Maven :-)). – Mark O'Connor Jul 16 '13 at 19:36
And my cache was stale because <ivy:cleancache> often silently fails on windows (IVY-1080) – Marcin Wisnicki Jul 17 '13 at 12:18

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