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I am trying to replace one character that is in a string. I am receiving the string from a JSON call. When i debug the character in question that is causing my issue using:

char chr = stringValue.charAt(1);

I am getting the value of 12. I have researched this and it is telling me to do a replace using unicode values as shown below:


however this is not working. I have also tried replacing with the following values and none are working:

"\\u0012", "\f", "\\f", "\\p{C}", "\u0160", "\\u0160", "[^\\x00-\\x7F]"

If anyone can help me solve this that would be great

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Google's Guava CharMatcher can help you ! – NINCOMPOOP Jul 16 '13 at 16:31
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The replaceAll method doesn't modify the string. It returns a new string where the character had been replaced, so what you need is:


Note that if the character you're supposed to replace has code 12 in decimal, you must convert it to hex.

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