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I am administrating an svn server. I create a new repo, and recently users are having a problem with their passwords not working. It seems that everytime one user commits a file, this knocks out the password for other users. I have to manually reset the user passwords using htpasswd -c /svn/repos/users [user] to restore.

My user file is located at /svn/repors/users. I seem to recall that in the past if had a list of users and their encrypted passwords. Now it seems to have one one user/password combo. It looks like the file gets updated with the last user who commits a repository.

I updated the owner and group from root to apache, but that is not solving the problem. Any suggestions?

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I have to manually reset the user passwords using htpasswd -c /svn/repos/users [user] to restore.

$ man htpasswd

-c Create the passwdfile. If passwdfile already exists, it is rewritten and truncated. This option cannot be combined with the -n option.

Stop using -c if the file exists, as it removes all other users, and all will be well as soon as you've re-added every single user...

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+1: Good catch. I should have seen that. – David W. Jul 16 '13 at 22:16
Yeah, I totally missed that (derp!). I removed -c and now everything is working fine. Thanks for the catch! – Bad Programmer Jul 17 '13 at 15:34

What are you using for your SVN server? svnserve or Apache httpd?

Where are your repositories located? Is your user file under that same directory structure? That could be a problem.

For example, you have:


And, you're running:

$ svn -r /svn/repos -d

You could be corrupting your users list because Subversion thinks it's another repository. Move it to another location.

$ mv /svn/repos/users /svn/repos/project1/conf

Yes, you can safely store your users list under the conf directory of any of your repositories. Just make sure that your svnserve.conf file for each repository is pointing to the new location.

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