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When I upgraded my rails 3.2.13 application (on Win XP) from ruby 1.9.3 to ruby 2.0.0, it crashed due to gem RedCloth (4.2.9 x86-mingw32).

Message: couldn't load 2.0/redcloth_scan (LoadError). In other words: /lib/2.0/redcloth_scan.so does not exist in the gem.

Is there any solution to this problem?

(Unfortunately, RedCloth is the only Ruby tool that handles Textile.)

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You might want to stay with 1.9.3 for now, if you must use RedCloth.

RedCloth doesn't seem to support 2.0.0 yet.

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You can try:

  1. Install RedCloth-4.2.9:

    gem install RedCloth --platform==ruby -V

  2. Create this directory:


  3. Copy all files to that directory from:


Then you can use RedCloth in Ruby 2.0. I tried with jekyll 1.12.1, and that works.

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