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There is a clean way to build this examples with Apache URIBuilder?

"http://host/path", passing "path2" -> "http://host/path/path2"
"http://host/path", passing "/path2" -> "http://host/path2"

"resolve" method is not working, it always return:



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True, i was wrong. I mean using URI from – Phaedra Jul 16 '13 at 19:48

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You should add a trailing slash on your baseurl.

new"http://host/path/").resolve("path2");  // http://host/path/path2
new"http://host/path/").resolve("/path2"); // http://host/path2

Without the trailing slash path will not be handled as directory. Than it does not matter if you resolve a absolute or relative path2 because they are resolved against host/

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