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I have a modal popup that initially shows some content but expands a div if a checkbox is selected. The modal expands correctly but doesn't recenter unless you scroll up or down. Is there a javascript event I can tack on to my javascript function to recenter the entire modal?

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Here is what it is:


For example:


and in aspx:

<ccl:ModalPopupExtender runat="server" ID="MyPopUpExtender" TargetControlID="pop" PopupControlID="PopUp" BehaviorID="detailsPopUpExtenderId" BackgroundCssClass="ModalBackground" />

BehaviorID being the property where to set the clientside id.

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Works well, thanks. I used the ClientID property in code to get the full client id. –  Daniel Ballinger Aug 18 '10 at 21:51
You can stablish the property BehaviourId on the ModalPopupExtender control, to do that without think on the ClientID $find('bahaviour id')._layout();. Anyway, good trick. Thanks! –  adripanico Nov 23 '12 at 10:11

Be careful that this isn't tied to the resize event of the window. If it is, your recentering could trigger a resize event in IE, which would cause an infinte loop.

If it is tied to the resize event, allow 1 or 2 resize events to occur, but then ignore the rest. (I say 2, because in IE, a "restore" event on the window will trigger at least 2 resize events (3 in IE6).

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Whatever event you have bound to the scrolling to get it to re-center, bind that event to the checkbox/div expanding event as well (or call it from within the other event). Hard to say more without seeing some code.

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