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I need to find word count for all of the files within a folder.

Here is the code I've come up with so far:


// count words
$numWords = str_word_count($str)/11;
echo "This file have ". $numWords . " words";

This will count the words within a single file, how would I go about counting the words for all files within a given folder?

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how about

$array = array( 'file1.txt', 'file2.txt', 'file3.txt' );
$result = array();
foreach($array as $f ){
 $result[$f] = str_word_count(file_get_contents($f));

and using the dir

if ($handle = opendir('/path/to/files')) {
    $result = array();
    echo "Directory handle: $handle\n";
    echo "Files:\n";

    /* This is the correct way to loop over the directory. */
    while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
       if($file == '.' || $file == '..')
       $result[$file] = str_word_count(file_get_contents('/path/to/files/' . $file)); 
       echo "This file {$file} have {$result[$file]} words";


Lavanya, you can consult the manual of readdir, file_get_contents.

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That's not going to work for .doc files... –  Rob Nov 20 '09 at 5:09
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Assuming the doc files are plaintext and don't contain additional markup, you can use the following script to count all of the words in all of the files:

$dirname = '/path/to/file/';
$files = glob($dirname.'*');
$total = 0;
foreach($files as $path) {
    $count = str_word_count(file_get_contents($path));
    print "\n$path has $count words\n";
    $total += $count;
print "Total words: $total\n\n";
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If you are using *nux than you can use system('cat /tmp/* | wc -w')

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You can use $words = str_word_count(file_get_contents($filepath)) to get the word count of a text file, however this won't work for word docs. You'll need to find a library or external program that can read the .doc file format.

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