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I searched a lot on SO & as well as on Google, but did not get an exact answer to my question. So, here is my question.

I am working on a project in which we are storing our data in the database as well as in the XML files from back-end to reduce database load. And, when we need that data on the front-end, we call the respective XML files to fetch data.

Q.1 - I wanted to know, whether it is the best approach to reduce load on the database?

And, I think JSON will be a better alternative to XML as it is light weight. So, my another question is,

Q.2 - Is it efficient to use JSON to store data instead of XML?

Also, we can introduce memcache to reduce the same load. But, if data is not available in memcache, we have to query the database. In this case, can JSON/XML data storage come in handy?

Q.3 - Is there any other efficient approach?

I have heard of Apache Cassandra & Hadoop, but it seems that it is good to use these when you are working on a highly scalable application. So,

Q.4 - Is there any Apache Open Source project (for start-up scale) we can make use of?

In short,

Q.5 - What is the best way to STORE & QUERY the data in an efficient & performance oriented way?

Thanx for giving ur time for this. :)

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If you are talking from database, I guess you mean a SQL based database. If you search a solution for storing data on your local device you have multiple choices

  • SQL based data store

    You can use SQLite or SQL Server 2012 LocalDB to store data on your local drive in SQL format.

  • NoSQL based data store

    If you want to store your data in XML or JSON format this would be your choice. I won't call a specific one, just search for 'NoSQL' and you'll get lucky.

It depends on your needs, but one simple advice:

If you depend on performance, storage or other indicators, don't implement it by yourself. There are a lot guys out there that will program such software and are really good at it.

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Thanx for ur reply. NoSQL is a good choice but do you think NoSQL alone will suffice? And, I wanted to know how we can make use of SQL & JSON/XML based structure to store & query our data. Like, most of the big companies do that i.e. they use SQL database along with Cassandra/Hadoop. But, what is the best way for a start-up to build such an architecture coz we don't know when our application may scale (keeping that in mind)? – user2538076 Jul 18 '13 at 16:01

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