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I am working on a web2py app which I would like to be able to use some of the user's local variables to customize things a bit, specifically I am trying to get the user's domain and username.. I know that this is possible running on an Apache using the module "mod_auth_sspi".

Is this possible on a Rocket WSGI 1.2.6 server? Or has anybody tried doing this on a web2py app before? Is there a python module that could do this?

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Do you mean Apache instead of Ajax? –  Graham Dumpleton Jul 16 '13 at 21:30
Yes sorry, I'll change that now –  mswjackso Jul 17 '13 at 17:18

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I just ended up moving the web2py app over to an Apache server. If somebody doesn't know how to do this then you can find all of the documentation here:


After that I installed the mod_auth_sspi module in order to get instructions. The x86 version of the module can be downloaded from here:


It will require an x86 installation of Apache though. After it is downloaded:

  1. Unzip the file
  2. Drag mod_auth_sspi.so from the bin folder into wherever you modules folder for your Apache installation is.
  3. Add LoadModule sspi_auth_module modules/mod_auth_sspi.so to your httpd.conf file as well as any sspi settings you need to whichever location you need to apply security to.

I did have some issues with authentication on some browsers, but I did find solutions which you can find here:

How can you store a log in using mod_auth_sspi on Apache?

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