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In bash shell I am reading all the files in a folder as follows:

 for f in $FILES
    echo "Started $f file..."
    ./$f > $f_july_15.txt
    echo "Finished $f file..."

In line 6 I am trying to save the output of each file in a txt file that contains the name of the input file as follows: $f_july_15.txt. I noticed that the txt file does not get created at all, while the echo calls and the command ./$f get executed correctly. I played a little bit moving $f inside the name, but I can not get the name of the input file in the output file. Can anyone please show me why this is happening and how I can solve this?

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The underscore is a valid character in variable names.


./"$f" > "${f}_july_15.txt"

Your code was trying to use a variable named f_july_15. You need to use braces to delimit the variable name when it's followed by a character that can be part of a variable name.

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