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I'm working on a rails web app. In one of my views (at index.html.haml) I have a jquery opendialog where I list a few things. My problem is I don't want to load this when the index page is loaded but at the openclick event. I'll provide some of the code. I am still new to rails, haml and jquery so any help will be welcomed, thanks in advance.



#dialog creation and loading
.dialog{:id => "codes_#{stuff.id}", :title => t_s(:index, resource_class.to_s.downcase)}
  #dialog: haml code with the list loading that is done when the main page is loaded instead on being called at the onclick

#link that opens the dialog
= link_to t_s(:show, resource_class.to_s.downcase), '#', :onclick => "openDialog(#{stuff.id})", :title => t_s(:show, resource_class.to_s.downcase)+ " " +t_s(:index, resource_class.to_s.downcase)


this is some of the generated js:

 $(".dialog").dialog({ width: 600, height: 400, autoOpen: false, modal: true, show: "blind", hide: "explode"
function openDialog(id){ 
$("#codes_"+id).dialog( "open" ); return false; 


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Can you share your javascript as well? –  vee Jul 16 '13 at 19:37
the problem is you're opening the dialog on document.ready which is why your dialog loads when the document becomes ready. You want to move that inside that the function openDialog. Also I would have added the JS code editing the post for better readability. –  vee Jul 16 '13 at 19:59
By doing that the dialog now shows up when I load the page, instead of being hidden until I click the button –  TheMadCapLaughs27 Jul 17 '13 at 14:02

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Already fixed it myself, I'll add the explanation here: 1)removed the haml and only left de div, put the haml in a partial 2)added an action in the controller: def dialog stuff = Stuff.find(params[:stuff_id]) render :partial => "partial_name",:locals => { :stuff => stuff }, :layout => false end

3)in the javascript: $("#div_id").empty();

$.ajax({ type: 'GET', url: 'url of the action in this case dialog', cache: false, data: { stuff_id: stuff_id }, success: function(html){ $("#div_id"+stuff_id).append(html); } });

Hope this can help someone else.


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