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How can i give different title for different radio button using CakePHP Form Helper

$radio_options = array('unknown'=>'Unknown','negative'=>'Negative','positive'=>'Positive');

$titles = array('0'=>'Unknown','1'=>'Negative','2'=>'Positive');

I am trying to create radio buttons like this

 echo $this->Form->input('radio_buttons', array(
                                    'options' => $radio_options,
                                    'legend' =>false,
                                    'label' => true,
                                    'class'=>'radio inline',
                                    'type' => 'radio',

But its not working..Form Helper creating same title for all of the radio buttons.

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Look at what the FormHelper generates, then generate it manually or with a php foreach loop or something.

There are cases like this, when it's just easier (or the only way) to not use a helper.

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