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I was wondering if there is any open source recommendation engine available? It should suggest something like Amazon and Netflix. I have heard of a framework called Apache Mahout - Taste. I am trying it next week. It would be great if you can share your valuable thoughts.

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I'm the developer of Mahout / Taste, and hope it will do what you need, but in the interest of balanced coverage, let me also point you at:

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is Apache Mahout still being used for 2013? – KyelJmD Jun 27 '13 at 4:31
Yes. I don't contribute to it at this point and am generally focused on 'next-gen' projects, at and now at Cloudera. – Sean Owen Sep 24 '13 at 7:59
I've noticed that Apache Mahout on Apache is not that updated where is the updated version located? – KyelJmD Sep 24 '13 at 11:18
Not sure what you mean? – Sean Owen Sep 24 '13 at 11:22

Apache Mahout is the only one I have found for this area (I have been looking recently too).

Though Weka may also be an option.

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I had to work with open source recommendation systems and these are the ones that I found:

Duine, Apache Mahout, OpenSlopeOne, Cofi, SUGGEST and Vogoo.

More details:

Apache Mahout constitutes a Java framework in the data mining area. It has incorporated the Taste Recommender System, a collaborative engine for personalized recommendations.

Vogoo is a PHP framework that implements an collaborative filtering recommender system. It also presents a Slope-One code.

A Java version of the Collaborative Filtering method is implemented in the Cofi library. It was developed by Daniel Lemire, the creator of the Slope-One algorithms. There is also an PHP version available in Lemire's webpage.

OpenSlopeOne offers an Slope One implementation on PHP that cares about performance.

SUGGEST is a recommendation library made by George Karkys and distributed in a binary format.

I described everything I found out here on my blog:

hope it helps!

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I just started using easyrec. The forums are not very active, though I did get my questions answered. Plus they have a demo server so you can test drive the recommendation tools without installing anything. I liked their javascript API and way to track recommendations of different types of items. Currently, they only support the slope one recommender--if you are looking for flexibility in this regard, mahout wins hands down (though you can write your own plugins for easyrec).

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lenskit seems another good recommendation engine in Java, provided by the grouplens team.

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If you're looking more for the raw engine, rather than something specifically configured for amazon or netflix, then Minion provides 'document similarity measures'.

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