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I have 2 unrelated questions.

  1. How many posts does facebook allow you to get with an api?
  2. Using facepy, facebook, or any other api, how do I get the number of friends a user has? (This user is not my friend). The user id is provided.

This is how I currently get the number of my friends with facebook api:

>>> from facebook import *
>>> token = 'whatevertheinfo'
>>> graph = facebook.GraphAPI(token)
>>> friends = graph.get_connections("me", "friends")
>>> len(friends['data'])

If I try >>> friends = graph.get_connections("100000549223625", "friends") I get this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<pyshell#55>", line 1, in <module>
    friends = graph.get_connections("100000549223625", "friends")
  File "C:\Documents and Settings\visolank\Desktop\Python\programs\facebook.py", line 112, in get_connections
    return self.request(id + "/" + connection_name, args)
  File "C:\Documents and Settings\visolank\Desktop\Python\programs\facebook.py", line 298, in request
    raise GraphAPIError(response)
GraphAPIError: Unsupported operation

I dont need to know who the friends are, I just need a number. I know it's possible, because facebook claims:

"Public Profile and Friend List

The public profile and friend list is the basic information available to an app. All other permissions and content must be explicitly asked for."

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If you have 2 unrelated questions, ask 2 separate questions. The ask question, can be used multiple times without penalty. (note the singular use of question) Clear questions will improve your chances of clear answers (and upvotes, if you care for reputation). – Chris Wesseling Jul 24 '13 at 14:07

This is intentional behaviour. There was a bug report filed for this problem, and this was the official Facebook response:

This is intentional, you cannot retrieve friends lists for non-users of the app.

I suspect that if you used a userid of someone that had installed your app it might work, but not just any arbitrary user.

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answer to question 1 (How many posts does facebook allow you to get with an api call):

When querying facebook through FQL (facebook query language), you can limit the result up to 5000 records. So I'd say 5000.

answer to question 2 (how do I get the number of friends a user has):

You can query all the friends of the currently logged in user. You cannot however, ask facebook for the number of friends of a user that's not logged in through your app.

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You need to get access/token from the user you are trying to get the friends list

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Use python sdk for facebook graph api. This should work. Read the fetch objects from facebook part and then it should be really easy.

Just to help you.

import fb facebook=fb.graph.api(token) friends=facebook.get_object(cat='single', id='the_user_id', fields=["friends"] )

Now friends will have a python dictionary containing the user's friends.

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Try Python SDK for the facebook graph api. Very easy to use. Read the HELPER FUNCTION part and this will help you a lot.

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