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I am trying to select a column "photo_name" by counting the MAX value of SUM(valid)

the preferred results is "test5.jpg" but after hours of trying, I still can't figure it out ,

below is my previous approach, but it doesn't work

SELECT photo_name FROM
    FROM    test a  
    SELECT  *, SUM(valid) v
    FROM    test
    WHERE   page_id = 3 AND `valid` = 1

    ) b ON  MAX(b.v)

Please help,

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Something like this should work. It sums the valid column for each photo, orders high-to-low for the sum, then limits results to the top row:

SELECT photo_name, SUM(valid) AS sum_valid
FROM test
GROUP BY photo_name
ORDER BY sum_valid DESC
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Thank you, it works – Leo Chen Jul 17 '13 at 16:23

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